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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel – Minnesota – Tour of Five Great Lakes

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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel – Minnesota – Tour of Five Great Lakes

Welcome to MN – If you’ve ever wondered why the MN is called the Magnificent Seven, it’s because of the many lakes in the state. Each lake has its own special characteristic and unique tourist attraction. Every day I’m on vacation I visit one of the lakes in MN. For instance Lake Superior is known for its wildlife.

It has three lakes, two of which are not visible from our cabin. One of the lakes is called North Shore Mine, as well as the mine that we’re staying at called Lake Coppermine. These are our first two adventures. The next day we get to go to the North Shore Mine. The day after that we head to the North Shore Mine.

On this day we will be visiting a history museum at the North Shore Mine. On the day after that we visit the North Shore Mine Museum.

They have exhibits on each location that houses the mine, but there is also an interactive experience that the guests can enjoy. Their mascot, “Eagle,” is great. You can get an electronic package that gives the history of the mine and the story behind the mine. The kids will be enthralled.

The Grandview Mine is a mining company that has been in business since 1873. The picturesque nature of this area will take you back in time. This is probably where the term “Picnic in the Woods” came from.

Our trip to the main lake bottom takes us to a lighthouse. You can also go to a fishing camp and go snorkeling, and other interesting activities. Once you’re done with all the fun, you can head back to the motel for a nice quiet vacation.

Another way that I’ve discovered that will take me from my first to second trip in MN, is to see the different cruise ships that are available. Each ship visits a different lake and brings different things to eat and to explore. It will be a truly amazing journey!

Whether it’s a relaxing day or a wild and exciting adventure, MN is beautiful. I hope that my adventures help you find your own.