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Chicago Hotel at Mystic Lake – An Original Resort at the Northern Shore of Lake Superior

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Chicago Hotel at Mystic Lake – An Original Resort at the Northern Shore of Lake Superior

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is the quintessential retreat to one of the most famous lakes in North America. It is a magnificent lake setting where thousands flock from across the country for the adventure of water skiing, boating in the winter. Many people come here during their trips to this beautiful state to get away from the crowd at their hometown bars or restaurants.

The hotel itself is breathtaking. A grand double hotel structure that was formerly a large castle, it has been restored to its original grandeur with sweeping, cathedral ceilings and elaborate, antique, brass and other exotic wood work in the rooms. The lobby alone is quite spectacular with columns that are covered in crystals, gold and other metallic colors, and ceilings in light pinks and fuchsias.

The Spa and Pool Hall are a must see while visiting the hotel. Both feature complimentary, manicured grounds and sunny, warm temperatures in winter months, with long, luxurious pools and spas that offer a soothing spa experience. They are both open to the public during all times of the year, with access being granted to registered guests upon the arrival of their booking.

Guests will find an in-house restaurant, but it’s not a lakeside lodge offering for food, as well as a restaurant offering only a limited menu. There is also a full service casino that includes a poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette and keno. A game room offers slots, poker and video poker.

In addition to the casino, the hotel offers a beautiful golf course, many walking trails, a lakefront dock for fishing, a play center, an ice skating rink and a golf simulator. When it comes to nightlife, there is an intimate bistro at the main entrance that offers guests a fantastic view of the hotel. Another bistro downstairs for those wanting something more formal.

The hotel itself offers plenty of free WiFi, a veritable mountain of outlets for each room and a radio to keep guests’ company while trying to unwind. It is very quiet in the room itself, but can be quite exciting during the daytime, with waves crashing on the beach or the beautiful backdrop of the woods and mountains of the resort. There is also a lovely outdoor pool for relaxing after a hard day at the casino.

This is a wonderful, all-inclusive resort offering guests the chance to relax and play in the lake during the warmer months, and not be bothered by crowds in the winter. Lodging is a star at this charming and unique getaway. There is plenty of choice in the rooms, suites and even suites with balconies overlooking the luxurious swimming pool.

This is a hotel that is truly a treasure and one that many North Americans will visit and find themselves wishing they had been there instead of that last place you went! It is a true gem in Minnesota, as well as one of the best hotels in the Twin Cities area. If you’re looking for a truly unique and special getaway, then look no further than the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel!