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Alex O’Brien Versus Vanessa Kade Would Be a Fairytale Ending to Poker’s Unfortunate Bilzerian Chapter

Alex O’Brien Versus Vanessa Kade Would Be a Fairytale Ending to Poker’s Unfortunate Bilzerian Chapter

O’Brien chooses Kade&nbsp

Alex O’Brien spoke with VegasSlotsOnline News earlier nowadays to convey her displeasure with Dan Bilzerian and GGPoker soon after a year of getting left on tenterhooks about a promised heads-up encounter. Within minutes of that article’s release, the canny people over at Americas Cardroom (ACR) swooped in to make factors appropriate for her, offering a $10,000 heads-up freeroll against any individual from their roster of pros.&nbsp

Would she choose Chris Moneymaker? Possibly it would be Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet? Both would certainly be robust adversaries. Both would make for engrossing encounters. There was, nevertheless, an additional selection and one particular that felt proper in an virtually fairytale sense.&nbsp

with no a moment’s hesitation, O’Brien named poker superstar Vanessa Kade

Without a moment’s hesitation, O’Brien named poker superstar Vanessa Kade as her desired opponent, yet another individual who has had unfortunate dealings with Bilzerian. The specifics of the match are yet to be finalized, but anticipate it to take location in the really near future.&nbsp

Content Birthday Dan Bilzerian?

In spite of good early dealings with GGPoker, O’Brien has been frustrated throughout the latter half of 2021 as time wore on with out any definite strategy in location for her hotly anticipated encounter versus Bilzerian. There have been long periods of non-communication which created O’Brien feel like the match was “hanging more than [her] like a cloud.” The point of a poker promotion is to generate excitement for the winner. Rather, this became the trigger of pressure that made O’Brien feel disregarded.&nbsp

Yesterday, with her patience wearing thin, precisely one particular year to the day since she won the GGPoker $one hundred,000 Dan Bilzerian Birthday freeroll, O’Brien fired off a tweet:

Or possibly if GGPoker couldn’t get their brand ambassador to live up to his commitment then possibly they could make a charitable donation in lieu. From O’Brien’s point of view, either would suffice and draw a line below the saga.&nbsp

Speaking exclusively to VegasSlotsOnline News, O’Brien expressed no regrets about going public with her issue. “Here’s the point – girls in society, even if the most modern of societies, are usually fighting to be heard, to be seen and to get the validation they deserve. That’s why this has been so specifically disappointing. Even as the recipient of a prize, I have had to fight for my location at the table. I do not wish to antagonize GG but there is also no way that I’m going to be a pushover.”

Certainly no shrinking violet, O’Brien was totally proper to fight her corner. GGPoker ultimately responded to her tweet, saying that they would be satisfied to go over a charitable donation.

All that matters now is how considerably excellent this match never ever becoming played is actually going to do!”

“I am so pleased that GG has pledged to donate money to charity,” mentioned O’Brien, “This will make a enormous constructive and significantly necessary effect to a lot of folks in require particularly this year. All that matters now is how much excellent this match never ever becoming played is actually going to do!”

Enter ACR&nbsp

While credit is due to GGPoker for their charitable intention, this came hours following their competitor had pounced on the opportunity to do appropriate by her. 1 can only envision how O’Brien’s tweet sent the wheels spinning at ACR HQ, who earlier right now produced her an supply she couldn’t refuse:

O’Brien didn’t hesitate.&nbsp

When you think about the disgusting treatment of Vanessa Kade by GGPoker and Bilzerian himself more than the past year, it is tough to believe the happy ending that came when she got signed by ACR and then shortly soon after won the PokerStars Million.&nbsp

When you consider the indolent therapy of promotion winner Alex O’Brien by GGPoker and Bilzerian himself over the previous year, it is tough to believe the pleased ending that has just come thanks to ACR’s generosity.&nbsp

it is impossible to say if Bilzerian has a distinct aversion to the most likely result of losing to a female”

Speaking to VegasSlotsOnline News, Kade supplied her opinion on Bilzerian’s choice to renege. “A year on, it’s impossible to say if Bilzerian has a specific aversion to the most likely result of losing to a female after his public comments about how girls cannot play poker – something I suspect he feels would be a massive public embarrassment that he wouldn’t reside down – or if it’s unrelated to this and he’d have welched either way.”

A content ending

O’Brien is in the final stages of writing a poker book referred to as The Truth Detective and, far be it from me to prompt, but books want endings. The truth that O’Brien and Kade, two wonderful poker role models, will now face off against one particular yet another in a celebration of what’s very good about poker beautifully brings their stories full circle.

I sincerely hope she wins.”

“I’m glad ACR has agreed to step in and give Alex a match in the interim, and I’m honored that she chose me to play,” mentioned Kade, “I’ve won a lot of tournaments, but I’m not especially a heads-up pro by any means and though I’m not going to soft play her, I sincerely hope she wins. I believe that outcome would make the most folks satisfied, particularly Alex, which would make me pleased. She is clearly a quite intelligent lady who has place in a lot of study time and I feel it will be a hard match.”

This also, hopefully, closes the chapter on Bilzerian and his pretend contributions to our game. The only actual poker ability he ever had was bluffing. All façade and braggadocio, he has told the tallest of tales about where his cash came from. Given an actual part in the game for the past year, all he did was blowhard and bluster whilst presumably cashing a huge check. Then, on cue as the year was virtually up, there’s a $100m heads-up match in the works…yeah sure.&nbsp

Let’s hope this is great riddance to the trust fund child who spoofed his way into the poker planet. Let’s hope this is the final time his ilk pull the wool more than the eyes of a key operator.&nbsp

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